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Cloud CFO exists to offer competitive online based Accounting, Tax and Administration services by leveraging the latest features and functionality of integrated cloud based technology.  Our customers still want human interaction but are cost conscious in the current economic climate.  If this was not the case, all banks would close their branches today.  Let’s value our customers’ time and offer freedom in safe, secure and compliant environment.

We exist to provide high quality accounting and tax services to SME’s in South Africa, which are easy to understand and affordable, by leveraging off cloud based technology. We believe in a customer first philosophy and will strive to continually provide Entrepreneurs and Self Employed customers with leading edge technology and world class customer service.

Cloud CFO strives to provide a safe and secure service and provide world class customer service for their customers. The company will continually evolve with the needs of its customers and make the voice of the customer heard within the company. We will be driven to provide the most accurate and efficient service which is reliable and adds value to our customers business.


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At Cloud CFO we know that your business and your accounting solutions should be taken seriously. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your specific business and accounting needs.

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