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Monthly Services


Cloud CFO offers a monthly Payroll Service which provides a professional accounting support team to process your payroll, submit your taxes, as well as report on your employee statuses and costs.

This service includes assistance with your payroll reporting responsibilities to labour and revenue institutions (uFiling and eFiling). The latest cloud-based payroll software is used, allowing you to access or review your business payroll information from anywhere with an internet connection.

The price your business pays is based solely on the number of employees that Cloud CFO has to process each month. Simply put, the lower the number of employees your business has, the less your business pays. Our packages start from as little as R375 per month.

You can cancel the service agreement at any time with a month’s notice, so you are not locked into any long term contracts.

When it comes to tax you just email Cloud CFO your employees details such as leave taken, changes in their salary and commission structures etc. We do the rest – then email your employees payslips and reports through to you, and let you know what your business owes SARS. It’s that simple.



  • Initial Cloud Software Setup.
  • Monthly Payslips Distributed to you via Email.
  • Employees get separate logins to download their own payslips.
  • EMP201 ( PAYE| UIF | SDL ) Returns Submitted to SARS Monthly.
  • Consultant Guides you with Setup of your Monthly Payments to SARS.
  • Leave Records updated from your records Monthly.
  • UI19 Forms Completed & Submitted to the Department of Labour Monthly.
  • EMP501 Payroll Reconciliation Performed & Submitted to SARS bi-annually.
  • IRP5 Certificates Prepared & Emailed to you for All Employees at Year End.
  • Personal Consultant contactable by Email, Skype or Telephonically.
  • Cloud CFO will obtain Tax Directives from SARS, when Required.
Contact Cloud CFO for a consultant to assess your business needs, in order to find the best payroll service solution for you. We can even help you with backlogged payroll. 

Existence Package

02 Employee Payroll Setup


Survival Package

06 Employee Payroll Setup


Success Package

10 Employee Payroll Setup
R1 100


Flight Package

15 Employee Payroll Setup
R1 600


Freedom Package

25 Employee Payroll Setup
R2 500